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McAfee has comprehensive cyber security solutions. Secure your computers, endpoints, network and cloud from viruses, malware and other security threats. McAfee is a long-standing name in the PC security world.

The company is selling four security products for home users these days: Total Protection, McAfee Antivirus Plus, Internet Security, and Live Safe, McAfee is a brand that has been around for a long time in the world of antivirus software.

User can be activate, download and setup mcafee by visiting URL:


What is McAfee 25 digits activation code?

McAfee product key is unique code that can help user to install and activate the McAfee Antivirus product on their computer. It is a 25-character alphanumeric string that will be available in group of 5 characters. The location of product key is depending on your purchase..

McAfee 25 digits activation code
McAfee 25 digits activation code


Log in to the McAfee Official Site

In order to login user should have valid email and password which is registered with McAfee. Those user haven’t create McAfee account they can create an account by visit URL: Here is the instruction which will help to create McAfee account.

  • Open Web browser
  • Visit :
  • Click on sign in
  • Fill-up your mcafee account details,
  • Those user who don’t have that click on ‘register’.
    1. First Name & Last Name
    2. Enter Email Address
    3. Enter Password & Confirm password
  • Click on I Agree to complete the process
  • After that, you will be able to activate, download and install McAfee on your device.


Guide to Activate, Download and Install McAfee

Follow the steps to complete all the McAfee download and activation process

  1. Open Web browser
  2. Visit :
  3. Enter McAfee 25 digits activation code
  4. Click on submit
  5. Sign in with McAfee Account
  6. After that key will be activate with your account
  7. Click on Add device and then hit the download button
  8. Setup file will be download on your device
  9. In order to install it follow the step listed below

Follow the steps to complete all the McAfee Install

  • Run the setup file ( .exe for windows / .dmg Mac )
  • Click on yes to allow the user agreement
  • Tap on install now to start the installation
  • It will take a minute to finish the process
  • After that it will take update & Scan your computer
  • Then you will get message that you are protected.